SpatialData use the latest positioning technology to deliver a wide range of services including....

Full topographical, measured building, monitoring, boundary demarcation, asset and facilities management and engineering surveying. Whether for planning applications, new build, conversion or asset property management, we provide a personal service based on a close understanding of your requirements and timescale.

Cutting edge data collection, analysis and presentation

At SpatialData we continually invest in ground-breaking hardware and software to keep at the forefront of our field. For instance, a majority of our data is gathered using Leica ‘Total Stations’ or GPS, using satellite, infrared, laser and computer technology to deliver the fastest, most efficient and accurate means of acquiring data. Where appropriate, we’ll also deploy photogrammetric techniques, hand held laser distance equipment and precision digitizing tools. Once the data has been gathered, we process and analyse it using specialist Microsurvey software and industry-standard AutoCAD Map and Civil3D. Finally, we make the data available in a form best suited to our customers’ requirements: Whatever your mapping and information needs, Spatial Data have the expertise and experience to deliver a bespoke solution that will perfectly satisfy all your individual requirements.